Some days I feel so deeply unmoved, exhausted, lethargic, and depleted. In these moments, I am reminded of something so crucial to any artfully minded individual- the reality of creativity is not always this meaningful and fluid stream of perfectly transcribed ideas. More often than not, we are overcome by our own harsh criticisms, doubts and fears, as well as those dreaded feelings of 'stuck-ness'. But this very experience is what allows us to remain humble when we are producing great work. If we choose to view our creativity as an exploration and as an offering to those we share it with, it may allow us to see more reward in those frustrating bouts of exhaustion and doubt. We must set aside egoic agendas in order to access this genuine space of intentional, not to mention healing, creative energy.

I find myself rediscovering my purpose and redefining my own limits as a result of witnessing the work put out into the world by others. I have been so deeply moved by the creations of others, and yet they may not have any awareness of this potency they bring to light. This is precisely why we must continue to express to our greatest capacity and without self doubt. How many times have I nearly shed tears over a beautiful song or painting or poem, only to find its creator hated the work entirely! We must express and share and create and repeat!

Direct feedback is not always present, but knowing that someone out there, maybe even just one person, could be impacted by my work is enough to motivate me for a lifetime. Art, in all of its fascinating forms, has the ability to connect us to not just one another, but also to ourselves.